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Spoutable is a machine learning company delivering superior website monetization through highly engaging digital advertising experiences.
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Publishers Can Earn
More Revenue. Simply.
Spoutable’s unique approach and units enable publishers to make more money while greatly reducing the time it takes for them to manage their monetization.
Per Zone Optimization
Publishers choose zones of their website (top, bottom, overlay or in-page) they would like to monetize and we blend our unique units to drive the best possible monetization for each.
We apply Machine Learning intelligence to mix different media types to drive the best performing units for each zone and site.
Spoutable’s zone monetization all happens through a single tag, making placing, management and tracking of your revenue easier and less time consuming.
Increase revenue per unit byover 11%
Add 20%+to your overall revenue
“We choose Spoutable because they make it easy to work with them and deliver
superior monetization. They did all the work to optimize and drive an
increasing amount of revenue each month.”
American Action News
“Spoutable has been a great resource for our website - it’s easy to use and the team has been more than helpful with walking me through the steps to update.”
Caitlyn Pilkington, Women’s Running
“Traffic from the Spoutable campaign dramatically outperformed others
in our key metrics.”
Katherine Scott, Social Media Editor at Luxury RETREATS
Advertisers Can Drive
More Engaged Audiences.
Leading advertisers leverage Spoutable’s unique platform to drive more highly engaged audiences at scale, resulting in increased ROI.
Advertising on the Spoutable platform results in more engaged users, resulting in greater ROI.
Spoutable’s partner success team leverages machine learning optimization expertise and Spoutable’s proprietary “Passion Profiles” to continually optimize for the best audience.
Advertising on Spoutable guarantees performance and massive viewability, whether advertisers are amplifying articles, videos or other content.
Industry leading viewability and performance
Machine Learning & Top Managed Services
2.2x Greater engagementthan the COMPETITION
Working With Some of the World’s Smartest Companies
Easy To Get Started And Risk-Free
Spoutable saves publishers and advertisers time right out of the gates. Getting Started is simple and,
unlike other platforms, requires no long-term contracts, exclusives or agreements.
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